Sunday, July 06, 2008

Moved to

Hi all...

I've finally made the move to my new site,

Please update your links as this blog will not be active anymore.

It's been fun and there's more to come :)

Take me to the cool new website now!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Website Urge

I feel like making my own website. Just this sudden urge to spend some time coding and making cool things that I'd enjoy and would like others to see.

Can't figure out which language to use though. PHP? Rails? Probably something that uses Apache web server. I guess that rules out .NET.

What will it be about? What domain name should I get? Perhaps someone can suggest one for me.

Haven't been around much lately. Been flat out with work. Oh yeah, I'm working tomorrow too. On a Saturday. Pretty much when I get home from work, I eat, play a bit of wow, watch a bit of tv/anime and then talk to my girlfriend.

Then when weekend comes, I feel totally buggered from the week that I don't really wanna do anything besides stay at home and bludge. I guess when people organise things I don't mind tagging a long. But yeah...I feel like 50 in this 22 year old body.

Weird how it is. Perhaps I should start exercising again to build up my stamina and fitness. Doesn't help when you kinda spend 10 hours traveling and planting your ass on a chair for 50 hours a week.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Guitar tabs for Christian music

I'm rostered on for worship for my church tomorrow and I hadn't practiced yet. So I decided to search for guitar tabs for a song which I wasn't familiar with.

I stumbled upon guitar praise. These guys have really taken the effort to help many Christians learn how to play a lot of popular Christian songs. They have video and tablature to read and see.

They've really helped me learn a song for tomorrow and most probably I'll be visiting them more often.

A must see for those out there who are doing worship and praise for their churches and ministries. A lot of their posts are Hillsongs music, and more specifically electric guitar.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I finally...

..graduate on 16th May!

Confirmed! Got a letter from uni stating that I'm eligible for it.

Guess my work experience report got accepted.

Can't wait to get my A$25,000 paper which took 5 years to get it.

I get to dress up too and pay for the gown hiring.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Goodbye Saturday

Don't you hate it when you've been working at least 50 hour weeks, getting an average of 6-6.5 hours sleep a day and then finding yourself waking up at 8.50am on a Saturday morning?

Well I do. Had to wake up early (after mum woke me) and watch the electrician fix a new telephone socket in our computer room. So yea, that's pretty interesting but I'm still pretty sleepy.

So I pretty much spent the next 3 hours or so watching the electrician drill holes, screw stuff and feed cable. The electrical side of things (wiring) was pretty easy and I could've done it myself, but I guess the hard part was actually the installation of it as it required a fair bit of drilling which I wouldn't be confident enough.

Once the new telephone socket was installed and tested, I then spent the next 1.5 bloody hours trying to configure the internet with our new ISP (TPG), ADSL 2+ connection.

What really bugs me is that all the ISPs in Australia do not have support for home networking setup with a router. They always assume you're the only user connecting to the internet, thus providing useless information, in my scenario.

I spent 1 hour on the telephone with a TPG operator, trying to figure out how to configure the modem to bridge mode. After many attempts, she finally gave up on me and suggested I call up the modem manufacturer for help. Ok, fine. When I called up, I got the machine saying that the telephone operating hours are 8am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Well whoopy-dee-doo. I work during those hours. So my last resort was to sift through the many folders in the driver cd, looking for some manual which I did find. A quick glance through it told me my problem was fixable with a single click.

The modem didn't need to be configured to get WAN IP Addresses!!! Far out, the operator didn't tell me that obviously! Soooo sooo frustrating when you know you could've saved a lot of time if I knew there was a manual somewhere, or the operator knew what they were talking about.

I can't say I really blame them because it's probably the company's fault for not providing them sufficient training.

Oh well, there goes my Saturday afternoon. I've got grease on my fingers now from changing the car tyre earlier.

FYI, I suspect someone deflated our car tyre. Grrrrr!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

i'm soooooo lazy...

Yes, that's right. I'm a lazy ass.


I haven't blogged for like yonks, and I've got a billion photos and stories to share from my 2 month holiday overseas (Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand). The photos are up on Facebook btw.

I've also started working fulltime. It's been a month so far and I've clocked an average of 50 hours/wk (Mon-Fri only) and have worked on 2/4 Saturdays already. Sleep deprivation is my blanket now as I cling onto it since I started work.

Not good :(

But oh well, it'll get better once the busy period is over. My company organises a big technology event called CeBIT Australia. So it's only 3 months away and we're working our butts off for this.

After the event, it gets pretty quiet and hopefully I'll be back to my 40 hours/wk schedule.

Anyhoos, thought I'd make a quick post here and share with you what my girl drew for me on Valentines. She also made me two cupcakes which I will take photos and upload later. On top of that, I got a nice JAG key holder wallet. It's pretty nice.

Haha, she also left the price tag on it as well :P

Will show photos later.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Haven't been blogging much over the past couple of months. Been busy holidaying in Malaysia, Singapore and just came back from Phuket! Will post up photos once I'm in Melbourne. Flying there this coming Wednesday.

If you're on Facebook, you can view the pictures there :)

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